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“Thfc need new station, not new stadium. Plans for expanding WHL are terrific, keeping 1 of best atmospheres around”Henry Winter (Daily Telegraph Football Correspondent)

“You might as well give the Olympic stadium to a housing association as give it to #thfc … just lunacy. I may lose faith in our nation” – Steve Backley (Retired Olympic athlete)

“We are North London and proud of it. We deserve a ground where we belong in North London. I would hate it if we moved!” – Antony Costa (Singer-Songwriter)

“I love White Hart Lane. I would not be keen on a move to Stratford. Arsenal, of course, came from south of the river. We are the only North London club. We can’t move to East London. This is the area, This is Tottenham”

“These Champions League home games have been unreal. It’s great to experience the ‘Glory European Nights at White Hart Lane’ like my Dad used to tell me about when I was a kid” – JH, N17

“Tottenham Hotspur would simply no longer be Tottenham Hotspur”  Mr Robins

“I simply can’t entertain the prospect of moving away from Tottenham – it’s a very sad thought. The history… The tradition…  I could go on for hours”

“Over 125 years of history is far more important than financial gain”

“We are TOTTENHAM, super TOTTENHAM, we are TOTTENHAM from the LANE. Not Stratford! It’s simple really. As the We Are N17 tagline says… It’s in the name” Adam Hunter


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