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11/02/2011 -The Big Announcement – We’ve only gone and done it!

Finally, the waiting is over and the news has been announced officially: West Ham have won the right to take over the Olympic Stadium.

This is great news for us and while there could and probably will be some twists and turns in this, all of you who have taken the time to write to or e-mail the decision makers with your views can be proud that you have surely played a part. The decision still needs to be ratified by the OPLC Board, two government departments and the Mayor of London but this is the first big hurdle overcome and a unanimous vote must surely tell us something about how the remaining decision makers will act.

We will now ask the club how fans can help us to stay in Tottenham, whether we can use actions such as lobbying for funding or concessions and if there are volunteering opportunities that could help to cut the total bill. There are loads of possibilities and there has to be a way that the fan power shown in this campaign can be used again to make building a top class stadium in N17 viable. As soon as we know what can be done we will add more news to these pages.

This has been a great effort so far by all of you, let’s keep up the good work and do whatever we can to help Tottenham Hotspur stay in Tottenham, where we belong.

We are Tottenham, We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham, from the Lane

05/02/2011 -Amendment to yesterday’s statement

THFC have asked us to amend an aspect of the statement released yesterday as they believe we have mis-quoted/mis-understood an aspect of the discussion. Donna Cullen’s comment regarding what suited the club’s purpose was not in relation to the club’s communications to fans which they confirm were accurate at the time of publication and instead the comment related to proceeding with the planning application for the NDP; although we perceived those communications to be misleading the club does not agree with this view.

04/02/2011 -Statement & Details of meeting with Daniel Levy (Chairman) and Donna Cullen (Director of Communications)

Full Statement: http://www.docshare.com/doc/436644/We-Are-N17-Statement-02-11

Key Excerpts:

DL indicated that he believed the views of We Are N17 and our overall goal of ensuring the club will not move to Stratford was detrimental to future of the football club.

We Are N17 believe that a move to Stratford would be detrimental in a different way. Whilst the financial considerations relating to building a new stadium may favour a move, we suggested that this should not be ‘at any cost’. DL and DC agreed and said that they’d stay in Tottenham if it were possible but at this time it is not viable to do so. We suggested that staying in Tottenham would not ‘kill’ the club and that other clubs accept the circumstances of their locality. DC mentioned that THFC would remain a London club and we asked at what point within London do you draw the line and where is too far to move; it was said that we are Tottenham Hotspur, not London Hotspur.

It was agreed that neither party expects the club to have to change its name, regardless of a move.

DL said that he is not interested in selling the club following a move and that he does not believe AEG are interested in buying the club. He also said that he’d be more inclined to sell if the club does not move.

DL promised a full consultation would be conducted with the fans.

DL said that the Northumberland Development Project (NDP) is no longer viable.

It was raised that we believed the club’s communications with fans to be misleading.

The club did not really argue this point and DC said ‘it suited their purpose’ when asked about the content of the statements released thus far.

DL said (despite his recent interview) that there is no other site in mind nor available to move to other that Stratford.

The idea of We Are N17’s involvement in any future ‘breakaway’ club was also mentioned and dismissed.

03/02/2011The Football Supporters’ Federation are backing the fan groups and have written to the OPLC, the Premier League, the Football Association, Government ministers and the mayors of Newham and London to express supporters’ opposition to the Spurs and West Ham bids.


Read more on Sky Sports website.


It’s not that we have anything against Stratford, It’s just the idea of relocating the club away from the place we call home and the place we identify with. Tottenham is one of the most deprived areas of London but it’s the place we belong at three o’clock on a Saturday.

We understand the argument for a bigger stadium if the season ticket waiting list figures are accurate. But, commercially, it makes no sense to move to a larger stadium if a large proportion of the fanbase is unwilling to follow. If you lose 10,000 fans who won’t go to Stratford, they could be the most vocal fans in the stadium and then you destroy the identity of the club and the argument for moving.

At the moment we feel the club is ploughing ahead with something we are not being consulted on

We have purely been established to protest against this issue. We are not against Daniel Levy but we are deeply opposed to the suggestion of moving the club from the Tottenham area.

As fans we cannot and will not stand idly by whilst someone who is charged with acting as a custodian of Tottenham uses the power entrusted to him to destroy much of what makes the club so appealing to its fans.

Browse around the site for more information. It’s worth noting we’ll be adding more pages and content in the coming days so please check back.

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